I first worked in Sequoia/Kings Canyon in the summer of 1975. I lived in the employee housing called Pinewood. Pinewood was located between the Lodge and the Gen. Sherman tree. Pinewood cabins were Guest cabins until the mid 60's? The remote location made for a better employee area (lots of noise and parties). The summer employees moved from Lower Kaweah. If I remember right I was paid more as a Maintenance worker. My $1.25 was 15 or .20 cents more than the food service and housekeeping staff. My wife and I had our wedding on the backside of Round Meadow a couple hundred yards south of Firwood (another employee area). The area at the end of the meadow also was part of the old Sunset Campground. There are probably still old signs of the campground, wooden posts for hose bibs etc.

The tree you are referring to probably fell were the Lodge Dinning Room was. Also the Employee summer Cafeteria was on the west side of the Lodge Dining Room. The Dining Room was added too many times over the years. I believe the original part of the structure was constructed in the early part of the 1900's. It might have even been a platform with a tent top originally. You have a picture of the old dining in your photo section with horses in front I think?... Just a few feet west of the Dining room was cabin "B", it too was an older historically significant structure,the cook was housed there in the early days of the century. Most of the Cabins in that area that were torn down down were in my opinion historical structures. Most were sided with redwood bark and were built in the 1920's and 30's. It definitely was one of the most charming and magical lodging experiences that’s possible in the National Parks. Nothing could rival a warm summer night with everyone sitting out on there porches listing to the Park Service nightly campfire program. Part of my maintenance duties in the 70's was to wander around at night and replace burned out light bulbs, 25 watt yellow bug lights...part of the charm of night time in the cabin areas.

-G. L.