When I was growing up, our family went camping at various locations,including Giant Forest. One summer, our family went camping in August in Giant Forest. We were scheduled to stay 6 days. We camped in tents with cots. My mom cooked. We hiked and enjoyed the scenery of the forest and pine smell. One morning, my dad heard a noise. He sat up in his bed and saw a bear rummaging through our campground.The bear was eating our jello and bread. My dad didn't want to startle the bear, so he very slowly layed back down,until the bear left our campsite. On the next to the last night, we had a campfire and roasted marshmellows. We went to bed and then it started to rain. By the next morning, it was cold. We looked out of our tent and there was snow on the ground. We decided to cut our visit one day short, so we might avoid getting stuck in the mountains. We couldn't believe that it would snow in August!