One interesting item was the first road built to Giant Forest in 1903. I read that it was thru the north fork (Three Rivers fork to the North) to the Kaweah Colony Mill then somewhere meets Giant Forest. I wonder where this road comes into Giant Forest. Was it thru the road that goes to Crystal Cave or somewhere else. My wife and I walked on a old trail last summer in the back of the previous Kaweah cabin areas. Maybe that was the old road. If you go to Crystal Cave parking lot can you still continue on driving on this old road or is it closed off. Where is the bridge you are talking about. Also can a person access the North fork road to the Kaweah mill?

Yes the road was the one to Crystal Cave the mill stop at marble fork the park put the brige in later the road is still thary but it stops at park border on north fork the brige was replaced in late 80s or so you can walk it but it is hard and long walk.