I found a foto of myself and Caralyn Cotner, a friend from a Visalia high school . It is VERY dark,and is of the two of us cavorting in front of the employee dorm in the snow. Dont' know if it is even printable. Yes, C.O.S. is our local junior college, College of the Sequoias. We would meet the bus there in the circle drive after school on Friday, and take the ride to Giant Forest. It must've taken 3 hrs or more then. I am a professional chauffeur, so have a grasp on time and driving. Glad somebody enjoyed my ramblings. We did maid duties across the main road, at the little cabins. As I remember, they were VERY rustic,and may have either had a gas log stove or a fireplace. Mostly what I did was change the beds to an exacting standard, kind of like the armed services. I still live in the same town where I graduated from high school, Visalia, California, so do still see some of these people with whom I shared this experience. We were much younger then, and spry.