Pinewood was once a site of rental cabins which were later used for seasonal employee housing from the sixties? until 1998 ( prior to that employees were housed in lower Kaweah) The cabins were torn down in 1999. They were located up the road between the Lodge and the Sherman tree on the left side of the highway. We have an old photo from the thirties when it was called Pinewood shelter camp. Originally there were approximately 70 cabins. The cabins were quite rustic with wood burning stoves.A few had facilities but most shared central toilets and showers-a real adventure for many new young employees. It is now a picnic area. We have many photos but need to become more adept with our scanner. My first summer was 1975. I lived there year round until 1988. I did some contract work for the concession until 1998. I met and married my wife in Giant Forest in 1981. She worked for both the concession and for Park Service. I lived in most all of the employee housing areas and helped maintain all of the guest facilities over the years. Kaweah 155 was our last and favorite location. It was a one of a kind small house close to the Kaweah motel units up on the hill overlooking the village and adjacent to the road down to lower Kaweah. We would often jog to Sunset rock-site of the former campground.

-G.&M.E. L.