When I was young, before my teenager years, I got to go camping at Giant Forest with my neighbor friends. My parents didn't go camping or have an interest so my experiences came from others and the scouts. I remember on one camping trip to Giant Forest, my friend and I tried to catch a squirrel. We used a cardboard box, stick and some string. We finally got one. It was fun at the time since there wasn't much to do while being at the camp site. We attended the evening amphitheatre programs and I have some good memories about this. In our photo section, there are some pictures of an old G.F.amphitheatre (taken around 1991 with my daughter on the stage, she's now 17) and it was probably the same one I went to on this earlier trip back in the late 1950's. My friend that helped catch the squirrel, passed away over 10 years ago and these are some of my memories. I also remember one night when two bears came close to our camp. Our curiosity got the better of us, so we went to investigate. I remember one of them ended up climbing a tree. I seem to remember running away when they came our way. There was a number of people watching and it was probably safe for us. Morro Rock was always fun to go to while staying in Giant Forest. I bet I've climbed it over 100 times in my life. One time it was in the fog.